According to Evening Standard, there are approximately 10 000 surveillance webcams installed and broadcasting live images from London. The major project which transformed London in one of the most surveilled cities in the World, had a budget of about 250 million Euro (200 million pounds). This public investment aimed to decrease crime and increase public safety in the Capital.

BBC is broadcasting live images online from London, the most surveilled Capital of Europe. Here are webcams broadcasting from places of touristic interest:

The Olimpic Stadium 2012 Webcam

2012 Webcam - The Olympic Stadium

London Aquarium Webcam

A webcam is broadcasting live from the Sharks Aquarium at London Aquarium: London Aquarium

Royal Botanic Gardens Webcam

A webcam is broadcasting from Kew Palm House, The Royal Botanic Gardens of London: Royal Botanic Gardens Webcam

London Weather Webcam

The Weather Webcam broadcasts from West End London and you can view how the weather looks like in London:London Weather Webcam

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